Electrode Cutting

Smaller heat affected zone (HAZ) and improved form factor

Electrode cutting requires no metal burr and minimal protrusion of the current collector. Laser cutting is ideal for this application as it is a contact-less process and a wear-free tool meaning no downtime due to tool replacement. Battery electrodes come in different forms and are made of different materials. For cutting different materials with the best quality and highest precision, a flexible laser source like the PicoBlade® 3 is ideal. Its Accutrig™ function successfully maximizes ablation efficiency and minimizes the HAZ. With Accutrig, you get uniform cut quality including corners and curves without metal burr. The PicoBlade 3 also offers pulse repetition rates from 100 KHz to 8 MHz, flexible bursts with programmable amplitude of individual pulses (FlexBurst™), and flexibility with respect to wavelength (IR/green/UV). Also, with the PicoBlade MegaBurst™ feature, you can achieve maximum throughput by significantly increasing the instantaneous energy delivered to a single target location.