Building Authentic, Meaningful Connections

ERG groups

Lumentum’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-led groups of people with shared characteristics or life experiences. ERGs are vital to achieving our DIB goals and are an important pipeline for increasing diversity in leadership positions. Joining an ERG offers an additional opportunity for inclusion and a greater sense of belonging. Backing each ERG is an Executive Champion, a member of Lumentum leadership who works with the team to increase visibility for their initiatives and advocate for change.

Opportunities vary by ERG, but all groups target networking, professional development, and mentorship as key areas of focus. Above all, our ERGs intend to offer a welcoming space for members and allies to meet one another and forge meaningful, authentic connections. We will continue to develop and introduce new ERGs in our next phase, including Ability and Veterans.

Asians at Lumentum

Asians@Lumentum is a North America-based ERG with a commitment to building a safe space for Asian employees to share their personal experiences in a community of support and understanding. Other ERG goals include ensuring representation at all levels of the organization and raising awareness about issues impacting the AAPI community through education and conversation.

Lumentum Black Employee Network

Black@Lumentum is an organization that partners to create opportunities for Black employees at Lumentum. We achieve this through our four pillars: recruiting–increasing Black candidates in our pipeline at all levels; professional development–providing resources for professional growth and development; community engagement–connecting with community-focused organizations and HBCUs to establish lasting relationships; education–sharing information and content relevant to the Diaspora to help foster understanding.

Latinx at Lumentum

LatinX@Lumentum works to create opportunities for current Latinx Lumentum employees, driven by their core focuses on personal development and fostering community. The team seeks to provide resources to develop and retain Latinx employees, mentor and support Latinx hires who are new to the company and foster a strong Latinx community at Lumentum.

Next-Gen Luminaries

Next-Gen@Lumentum focuses on employees who are 1-5 years into their career. This group aims to create a safe space where early career hires can engage and network with peers in a similar stage of life, who can relate on matters related to newly entering the workforce and offer each other support in reaching their long-term goals.

Parents and Caregivers at Lumentum

Working Parents & Caregivers@Lumentum is a global ERG that supports our Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging mission, as well as our Best Place to Work initiative. The ERG creates a safe space for caregivers to offer peer support, connect with resources, and make recommendations for initiatives that support the attraction and retention of employees who are taking care of others. The ERG's goal is to enable working parents and caregivers to contribute to their work with a high level of productivity while maintaining a positive and healthy balance of personal and family responsibilities.

Pride at Lumentum

Pride@Lumentum is a global, safe, inclusive, and welcoming space that brings together LGBT2SQIA+ employees and allies. Its mission is to empower and advocate for the well-being of the LGBT2SQIA+ community. The ERG works to generate benefits for the business and broader society through the power of diversity. Other goals of the ERG include fostering a positive culture change and increasing global engagement within the company.

Women at Lumentum

Women@Lumentum supports and encourages the hiring, retention, and advancement of women employees at Lumentum. The group aids members in developing their skills and leadership potential through connection, mentorship, education, and collaboration. In addition, the team works to shed light on issues impacting women at large and advocates for positive change.